How to activate MS Office with kms-activator?

The first acquaintance of a reasonable person with Microsoft office occurs quite early. Already middle school students are writing their essays in the Office program. But a computer application is quite expensive. Sooner or later you will decide to use the functions of the KMS-activator. And this article is written for those who do it for the first time. Do not be afraid of this procedure, in fact, office activation is a piece of cake! If you urgently need the entire functionality of the Office program, then you can activate it right now, and only then buy an official license on the Microsoft website. Or not to buy and leave everything as it is.

Which Office version should I choose for activation?

First of all, you need to decide which version of the Office you want to activate. To do this, you need to understand for what purposes you need this program and what characteristics your computer has. Most users have enough minimal functions of the program. We advise you to choose earlier versions of the Office. This guarantees a comfortable work, because the latest versions have acquired new features that increase the loading time of the program and so on. Below we have given a comparison table of all different versions of MS OFFICE programs that are available for activation via KMS-activator.

MS Office 2013MS Office 2016MS Office 2019MS Office 2021
CPU1 GHz (x32/x64)1 GHz (x32/x64)1 Ghz (x32) / 3 Ghz (x64)1 Ghz (x32) / 3 Ghz (x64)
HD3.5 GB3.5 GB10 GB10 GB
RAM1 GB (x32) / 2 GB (x64)1 GB (x32) / 2 GB (x64)1 GB (x32) / 3 GB (x64)1 GB (x32) / 3 GB (x64)
VIDEODirectX 10DirectX 10DirectX 10DirectX 10
OSWindows 7/8/8.1/RT/10Windows 7/8.1/10Windows 10/11Windows 10/11
Comparison table of system requirements of Office programs

The table contains the minimum system requirements. We recommend that you choose a version of the program whose minimum system requirements are 30% less than your computer currently has. That is, if Office 2019 requires at least 3 GB of RAM, then your computer should have 4 GB or more. If you install Office 21 and activate it via KMS activator, having the minimum system requirements. Then nothing good will come of it. Your electronic documents will be opened for several minutes, which will eventually be annoying.

The 2011 version of the program can also be activated, but it is no longer supported by developers. Therefore, you will not be able to download it on the Microsoft website and from other official sources. Therefore, we have not included this version of the program in the comparison table.

Preparing to activate the application

After you have decided on the choice of the product version, you need to download and install Microsoft Office if you don’t have it yet. There is one important rule here — always download this program from an official or trusted source. Preferably from the Microsoft website. Enter a download request in Google and go to the correct address.

This way you will insure yourself against many problems. This will guarantee that the program does not contain malicious code. And also guarantees operation without failures. It often happens that a pirated build of the Office program closes during work and does not save important information. But to download you need to have a good internet connection.

Download the current version of the KMS activator

Everything is simple here. In the header of the site or below this item there is a button to download the archive with the Kms activ program inside. This is the most up-to-date version at the moment. The archive weighs a couple of tens of megabytes. Therefore, the download will happen very quickly. The password is specified in the archive name. Before unpacking and launching the activator, make sure that your antivirus programs are stopped. When you click on the activator download button, you need to wait a few seconds. During this time, a link is formed to download the archive.

We proceed to the Microsoft Office activation process itself using the KMS-program

We have come to the simplest point of the article. After you have selected the MS Office version of the program and installed it. Downloaded the archive with the activator and put the antivirus program on pause. It’s time to move on to the launch of Kms activ Net. Close the Office program before activation.

Run the activator on behalf of the administrator. At the same time, we see the main window, as in the screenshot below. The arrow indicates the place where you need to click the mouse.

Click Button Activation

Next, the following window of the activator program appears in front of us. This is the activation window for Microsoft products. Also attaches a screenshot of the program below. We indicated with an arrow where you also need to click with the left mouse button.

Click Button Activate Office for Activate Office with KmsAuto

The process is running! We are waiting for a few seconds. After that, the Program will issue a notification about the activation status. This notification will be in the blue area of the activator program. Below in the screenshot we have shown an example.

your system is activated

If you failed to activate Office with the KMS-activator program

Activation does not always go smoothly. Rarely, but it happens that the first time you failed. Don’t panic. Close all applications on the computer and restart the operating system. After that, check your antivirus. It should be in a sleep state at the time of activation. Also check that the office program is not running. After that, run the Kms Auto utility again as an administrator and repeat the previous steps.

If any error appears during activation, please let us know in the feedback form or in the comments. We will try to solve the problem promptly.

Questions about activating Office with Kms activ

In this part of the article, we have collected the most frequently asked questions from our users regarding Office activation. You can also ask us questions and leave them in the comments!

There is no expiration date for activation. In case something went wrong, you can repeat the activation.
All functions of MS Office will be functional. The activator does not touch the program files.
Yes, the Office activation procedure using the KMSAactivator utility will need to be done in a new way.
If you have fulfilled all the requirements of this article, and still failed to activate the Office, then write to us in more detail about the errors. You can write on the feedback page.

In the conclusion

In fact, there are free analogues of the Ms Office program. Which do not need to be activated by third-party software or purchase a license. But it so happened that Microsoft has become almost a monopoly in this area. Having created an electronic document in an alternative free editor, you will not always be able to print it somewhere in the printing house, since Microsoft Office is used there to sharpen it. And your document may not be compatible with this. Thus, Microsoft has taken over this niche, forcing people to pay quite expensive for the license of their products. Our Kms Auto Net activator will help you overcome this difficulty!

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