How to restore Windows activation through KMS auto?

Activate Windows with Kms Auto

Sometimes the key codes are applied to the boxes of optical discs or boxes in which the computer was located at the time of purchase. This media is easy to lose and you will not be able to restore your operating system if you suddenly reinstalled it after a malfunction. I don’t really want to buy something new that I’ve already bought. In this situation, you can activate Windows 11/10/8/7 using the KMS auto program. After activation in this way, you will not replace the difference between if you entered the official key from Microsoft. All the functions of the operating system will work fully. Moreover, the operating system will not contact the microsoft server to verify the license. And this affects the use of your computer’s resources. Now it won’t happen!

How to start activating the Windows operating system

You should make sure before starting activation that your version of Windows is suitable for this. To do this, we publish all suitable versions of Windows in the table below.

Windows 11 (x32/x64)Windows 10 (x32/x64)Windows 8.1 (x32/x64)Windows 8 (x32/x64)Windows 7 (x32/x64)
Starter EditionHomeRTCoreStarter Edition
HomeProProRTHome Basic
ProEnterpriseEnterpriseProHome Premium
Pro for WorkstationsSingle LanguageSingle LanguageEnterpriseProfessional
Pro EducationSingle LanguageCorporate
Home Single Language
These editions of Windows are amenable to activation using KMS Auto Net

If you did not see your version of the program in the table, then unfortunately this activation method does not suit you. You should note that Windows 7/8/8.1 OS versions have also been added to the table, but they are no longer supported by developers. Microsoft is no longer profitable to support these versions. The developer no longer releases critical updates for them. Their use may not be safe. But you can activate them without any problems and use them at your own risk.

We have not specified the server versions of Windows in the table, but they are also successfully amenable to the activation procedure.

  • Windows Server 12
  • Windows Server 12 R2
  • Windows Server 16
  • Windows Server 19
  • Windows Server 22

Where to download the Windows Kms Auto

You will find on this site an archive with a working activator, which was updated in 2023. This program is ideal for activating Windows operating systems that support activation via a GVLK key. The KMS Auto zip download link is below. And also in the header of the site.

Learn more about what a Windows GVLK key is

The Win operating system is a client that has its own GVLK key. This key is unique for each build of the program and it is registered on Microsoft KMS servers. So your operating system as a client connects to the server and checks for the presence of this key there. If the system detects the key on the server, activation occurs. The activator’s job is to create an effective KMS server on your computer. Yes, it is inside the computer, so you will not need the Internet to activate Windows. But you will need the Internet to download the activator.

The principle of Kms activation

Advantages of Windows activation via Kms Auto NET

The advantage of the Kms auto NET activator is that it does not hack anything and does not change system files and does not make changes to the license verification service. That is, the os remains untouched. You can enter the official key at any time. To cancel activation, you need to delete the activator program from your computer. Windows activated in this way does not fail during operation. As often happens when using other activators.

Important requirements for starting the kms auto

For successful activation, it is not enough for you to download and run the activator. It is necessary to check a small number of conditions.

  1. If antivirus software is installed on your computer, then most likely the activator will be blocked by it. This is a normal phenomenon. Antivirus software developers add to their database those programs that help to obtain licenses for free, bypassing payment to the developer. Therefore, their code is present in the databases of antivirus programs. You need to disable your antivirus software for the duration of activation. Or add the activator program to the exclusion rules so that the antivirus does not delete this program and does not block it.
  2. To successfully activate Windows and activator program needs the presence of such technology as NET Framework 4 or higher. This technology is responsible for the operability of Windows Web services and the Kms Net activator. On Win 10 and Win 11 operating systems, this library is already installed and you do not need to check for its availability. If you decide to activate Win 7 or Win 8.1/8, then check the version of the Net Framework. If the library is missing, it can be downloaded free of charge on the Microsoft website.

Let’s move on to the Windows activation procedure itself

If you have reached this point in the article, then everything is already set up and you can start activating Win. Everything is simple and clear here. We can do with just two screenshots so that anyone understands how to perform activation. But let’s write a couple of lines about it.

  1. Open our activator application by RIGHT-CLICKING, this is done so that the context menu appears. In this menu, select “Open as Administrator”. Don’t let it scare you. The activator needs these administrator rights to create a virtual KMS server and burn it to disk “C:\” and for this you always need to have administrator rights and privileges.
  2. Opened the program from the administrator. Next, we see two buttons and a dark blue window for displaying information. If there are no red messages in the information window, then everything is OK. Now we need to click the ACTIVATION button.
  3. Click button Activation from KmsAuto

  4. After clicking the button, the program directs us to the second window. This is the action window. Here we see three buttons already. Of these, we are interested in the WINDOWS ACTIVATION button. After all, that’s what we came here for. Feel free to press this button.
  5. Click button Activate Windows from KmsAuto

  6. The activation process itself is hidden. The activator program will create a server and make settings in the background. You should wait a few seconds. Upon completion of activation, the program will report this in the same dark blue window. ready!
  7. Activation Windows successful

What if it didn’t work out to activate Windows

In case of unsuccessful activation, as well as in the article about Office activation, we advise you to restart your computer and try again to perform the activation procedure. Make sure that all mandatory points are met:

  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11.
  • The KMS-Auto for Windows is downloaded from this page.
  • The antivirus program is stopped for a while or the activator is added to the exclusion rules.
  • Microsoft program.NET Framework 4+.
  • launch the program from the administrator.
  • Pressing the buttons in the sequence “Activation”→”Activate Windows”.

How do I install critical updates from Microsoft?

After activating Windows, we recommend disabling automatic updates in the system. Since your operating system will communicate with Windows servers. You risk losing activation. We advise you to check all critical updates on the Microsoft website and download them manually. When you have downloaded the update, run it after disconnecting from the Internet.

Popular questions from users on this topic

You should read this paragraph, as it contains questions related to Win activation. The feedback form will help you ask us a question. Write to us. You can also write your question in the comments!

Yes, this site is dedicated specifically to the KMS Auto program, which activates both Windows and the office on the same principle.
To do this, you need to remove the activator, install Windows 11 and re-activate.
Yes, no problem. Just disable the automatic update of the operating system so that the activation is not canceled.
Yes, you can install any program on your activated operating system. If you want to install an Office and activate it in an official way, then it’s better to do it by phone. Or activate the Office through the activator program in the same way as Windows.

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