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Our website is dedicated to the KMSAuto program. We have tried to collect all the important information about the activation of Microsoft products for educational purposes. This information can help many recover lost license keys. All the content of the site was compiled by us and verified at the time of writing the articles. The site discusses in detail the principle of activating Windows and Office for informational purposes. The site is purely informative.

The KMS Auto NET tool was created by the Ratiborus team, which is known for producing similar programs. The utility installs the KMS server KMS on your computer to provide full free activation of Microsoft products.

You will also learn a lot about the principle of activation via KMS server. What is a GVLK key and much more. There is always a fresh version of the activator on the site. You can always check this program for viruses on third-party resources.

We are not affiliated with Microsoft in any way. The Ratiborus group is independent and includes experienced programmers and copywriters. We are always open to dialogue and suggestions.

You can contact us via the feedback form or write your question in the comments on the website. We always study information from users and promptly answer questions. You can always see the password from the program in the name of the downloaded archive. We do not recommend downloading the Kms Auto program on third-party resources and running the activator without checking its security.

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